Whitlam 50th Anniversary—An Everyday Icon

This roundtable will discuss and debate the cultural significance of the landmark election of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam’s government in 1972 and how an ‘everyday icon’ like Whitlam has continued bearing on culture today. Participants include Mehreen Faruqi, Valerie Harwood, Eric Sidoti, Esther Anatolitis. The roundtable will be chaired by Professor Anna Hickey-Moody.

Academic Publishing Today–Futures or Pasts?

This roundtable will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of academic publishing in a changing (digital) culture. Including eminent cultural studies figures and publishers, the discussion will unpack some of trends and how cultural studies might benefit from them. Participants include Graeme Turner, Panizza Allmark (editor of Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies), Tony Moore, Kate Darian-Smith, The roundtable will be chaired by Dr Jay Thompson.

Histories and Trajectories of Cultural Studies

The 30th Anniversary of the CSAA is an opportunity to consider where cultural studies is going, what we are teaching and learning, how it has transformed over the decades, and what its future might look like. With participants including Elspeth Probyn, Sukhmani Khorana, Shawna Tang, Akane Kanae, John Hartley and Sue Luckman, the roundtable will be chaired by Professor Mark Gibson.